in the spring of 2016, the local paper published a major investigation into poverty and inequality. Click Here to read.

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Another long-Term project by the Times Free Press is "The Toll" tracking Chattanooga's homicides.

Click here to see The Toll

DIALOGUES CHATTANOOGA began in 2015 with one core question: In the last generation, Chattanooga has represented a success story for urban revitalization and building new economies, but this came at the same time as persistently increasing poverty and racial disparity--how did that happen? 

At about the same time, this newspaper had undertaken The Poverty Puzzle, a long-term investigation into extreme poverty and inequality in our city. And at about the same time a few community leaders began to take a hard look at how our school system creates economic opportunity or the lack thereof, presented as Chattanooga 2.0. These joined other local advocates to paint a broader picture.

stay tuned for more coming soon