How can you help take this to the next level? *
How can you help take this to the next level?

For better dialogue, better media, a better future: Join me. This is one small part worth going far.

Southern Dialogues is meant to travel across the fast-changing cultural and economic landscape of the Southern United States, to ask how that change is being worked out by ordinary people living their lives.

Now online:

  • New Georgia Voters. Speaking with the New Georgia Project and associated voter registration drives around Atlanta at the close of voter registration. What does it look like to engage with a plural electorate?
  • Kentucky Campaign. In 2014 I passed through five Kentucky towns asking if people felt the Senate election has been a productive conversation.
  • Chattanooga, Tenn. A leading mid-size city known as the buckle of the Bible belt, the industrial Dyanamo of Dixie, the first city in the Western hemisphere to attain gigabit internet service--which also pioneered the open-meetings approach to public leadership and a public-private development model. Here we can listen first-hand to the experience of Southern cities in this generation.
  • Southern Dialogues Profile - Remote Area Medical. Staying over with people coming in as patients and talking with staff in Ooltewah, Tenn.

And of course I am always in conversation for the core pieces in Future Series: Listening to ordinary people and seeking to share.

Anticipated Projects:

  1. TBA. I'm currently in the research and outreach phase on four ideas for further episodes.

#SouthernDialogues Series One cost a whole total of $1,796.68.

  • Six months working.
  • More than 3,000 miles traveled.
  • 6 full episodes and 1 feature.
  • More than a dozen short pieces.

Imagine how much more we could do.